Hello ladies!!

Possible 2013 bride here.

I've been engaged since June last year and my fiance and i have been having the hardest time deciding on our wedding. We are Australians living in Canada with my family in Canada with us and his family back in Australia. At first we were going to have a wedding back home in Australia but then I decided we are already overseas we should take advantage of that. Then we picked new York, but that was so hard and going to be soooo expensive and venues for small numbers were hard to find. Soooo this has lead me to something we already love doing... Cruising!

I'm looking at the oasis of the seas as ive been dying to go on it. The only thing that is bugging me is that I have to use the cruise lines photographers. Whilst they take lovely photos they are not the style of wedding photos I love.

What are you doing for your wedding photos??? Are you finding a cruise wedding & reception cost effective?