One other point that I wanted to mention. The more rocking that the ship does - the happier he becomes.

Even the Carnival staff will comment on it. Everyone else is staggering down the hallways and Rheal walks straight as an arrow. He stops his flapping and head shaking and just smiles and giggles. Too bad mommy gets seasick at this point and has to go crawl into bed.

LOL... the rule that we have at home is that if anyone gives Rheal a new toy (Christmas or Birthdays), they have to be prepared to purchase a 2nd one if he really likes it.

We buy the replacement before he actually loses the 1st one... just so that we can quickly whip out the replacement. We do the same thing with books. He becomes fixated on one book and will only look at that one book. Heaven forbid if a page becomes ripped or wrinkled... It goes into the recycle bin (for church or sheltered workshop yard sales) and miraculously a new copy is ready for him the next morning.

He demands so little... it is nice to know that we are finally breaking through and able to provide him with something that he truly wants.
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Carnival Fantasy - November, 1997 (DH, DS & I)
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