ok... labadee.... divided into different beach areas but all one destination. they give you a map in your cruise compass brochure you get in your cabin the night before arriving there but when you get off the tender at labadee itself , the arawak aqua park is immedialtely to your right and the bannana boat hut is to your immediate left as is "nellies beach". continue to your left for a bout a 2 minute walk and youll come across "barefoot beach" and the location for the snorkle rentals (also in short supply in the afternoon, so get earlyish if interested!) then continuing in the same direction eventually about a 3 - 5 minute walk was "hideaway beach" which again was secluded but rocky. the hair braiding area was near the haitian market but in its own fenced area and looked more customary and attractive than the other opportunities we saw streetside in nassau and st thomas, but was staffed by locals and we were not interested in giving up the necessary amount of time, and some of the "victims" (lol) looking a little stunned as their hair was being done and they had their head tipped sideways at an unusual angle with many braids to go lol) the possibility for lice is real although im sure there are more regs here than elsewhere so we didnt go. just stop at the explorations desk on deck 5 next to guest relations and the royal promanade and book the aqua park, bannana boats etc. the day you board if you havent done so online already. you wont be sorry , so much FUN !

the cruise in review video was worth it because although there is already preordained footage about the ship on the dvd there is a ton of footage from our 3/19/05 voyage number 275 as well... bonvoyage parade, sports deck, circus of the seas (alot of footage of this ), the quest, belly flop and sexy legs contest, each entertainer, drew devine , etc so it is at least 15 minute more or less of our own individualized trip . we bought it down at the photo shop on deck 3 for 29.95 the night before we debarked so maybe its not too late if you email guest relations IMMEDIATELY???
i think the shooner bar or the champagne bar as well as high notes had a singalong piano deal going on ...just check your compass.. its listed there for sure. karaoke idol search was in cleopatras needle lounge 2x and finals were in la scala on the last night.
to everyone about to go on this marvelous ship... get ready for some fun and relaxation and please be kind to the hard working crew and staff!