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First-time cruiser here and also someone who has only flown one other time as an adult - I keep hearing horror stories about people who get all stuffed up and end up with a cold after flying and I want to be in tip-top shape for my cruise! Looking for any tricks or tips you guys have used to stay healthy during the flight so I don't arrive on the cruise ship not feeling so hot. I have already purchased antibacterial hand gel to use alot and wipes for the cabin to wipe down when we arrive. Any other ideas? Thanks!!!
Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands! Use hand sanitizer every chance you get. Be aware that everything and anything you touch at the airport may have just been touched by someone with a bug that will make you sick. So, door knobs (don't touch door knobs leaving the restroom after just washing your hands. Most airports don't have doors now, but if they do, use a papertowel to grab the door knob). The chairs in the terminal (especially the arms), the counter where you order/pick up your food, money, the chair and table in a restaurant, the condiments area, especially where you reach in and grab a packet of ketchup or mayo or mustard, or the pump thing on the bottles. You wash your hands then go to the restaurant, then touch things that 100s of others have just touched and they may not have washed their hands. Use hand sanitizer before you pick up that fork or food. The arms of your airplane seat, and the emergency instruction card and magazine stuck in the pocket of the seat in front of you. The flight attendant will tell you to look at the emergency card while they do the demo. Use hand sanitizer after. Avoid touching your eyes and mouth as much as possible. If you see someone obviously sick, walk away. If the person next to you on the plane is sick, ask to move to an empty seat. If the plane is full, descretely keep a kleenex over your mouth and try to keep your head turned away. You don't need to walk around paranoid about anything you touch, just wash your hands frequently, especially before eating and just be aware and use common sense.

And make sure to get plenty of rest, stay hydrated, and eat right while you travel. The immune system is controlled by hormones that kick into high gear while you are sleeping. Your body does most of its fighting, healing and recovering while you're asleep. Miss out on sleep and you really weaken your ability to fight off anything you were exposed to.

And last, avoid alcohol. Alcohol dehydrates you and more importantly destroys vitamins in your body that are essential to the immune system. It also disturbs your sleep cycles which again affects your immune system.