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I enjoyed your review!
We are planning a trip next Jan. on this same ship and same intinerary.
We have sailed the Golden several years ago, so we are aware of the ships amenities. Your review has made me so much more excited!
Did you enjoy the ports and was Grenada recovering from the hurricane?
Why weren't you able to dock in Caracas?
Did they have shows before late seating? We enjoy late seating but prefer when the cruise offers shows before dinner-when we are wide awake!
Thanks so much for the info.
We did enjoy the ports. Grenada was recovering, but there were still many signs of the recent hurricane.

We got word about two weeks before sailing that Caracas was officially removed as a port for our cruise. I've heard others say that Princess has officially removed it from all future sailings as well - but you might want to check with your TA to be sure. There really wasn't a specific reason given. I believe the notice refered to "passenger safety" but I'm not certain (since I've discarded it long ago).

We found that the early shows weren't available to late seating diners. They typically started around 8:30 - which is exactly the same time as the late dinner. There were a couple of shows that were at 7:15 or 7:30 - but not many. So... most shows were 8:30 or 10:30.