Just got off the Grandeur Saturday also!

Had the most marvelous time and have already started checking into next year. Tom Canosa is great. The shows were ok the first of the week but nothing to write home about but don't miss the last performance by the singers and dancers - something called Romance ... it is a don't miss. Two good comedians also.

Service was wonderful as always.

Costa Maya is beautiful. If you just want to shop and lounge at a pool you don's have to pay a thing for the pool that's at the end of the peir. It's actualy the best pool I've ever seen anywhere including the states and it's free.

Don't miss the ship though, we saw a young couple stranded there. I think they were on the Explorer and didn't make it back in time. They WILL leave you.

Weather was beautiful. If going in the next couple of weeks Make sure to read your pink slip about where to park that comes with your docs. Park in the parking lot that has the big whale, right across from terminal two (carnival is in port also at terminal one). Park close to the fence and there are porters in that parking lot to take your luggage. Walk across the trolly tracks and your there.

I didn't see any signs of wear and tear, no sewage smell (i was on the 4th) and this is my 15th cruise so I'm no newbie. This ship is wonderful and the steam room and solarium are a don't miss also. Bar B Q buffet at the pool is great also, happens around Thursday I think.

I had to travel by myself this time because my roomie had to back out at the last minute but had a wonderful time anyway.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask away. I don't have any info though on air terminals as I live in Mississippi.
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