Your list is very thorough. Some items can be crossed off, of course, each person needs to decide for themselves. For instance, we always have a corkscrew packed into our carry on, but can do without the church key.

If those who think they can get by with 90% less than what is listed, pack your suitcases and carry ons, dump them out and make a list, you will be surprised at just how much stuff you have on a list.

A few items were mentioned more than once (over the door shoe holder, disinfectant wipes/spray cleaner, chair clips were listed 3 times). From this list I'd cross off 14 items, plus all the laundry related items. This isn't too bad, I've come across lists on CC before where I crossed off 40 items before getting out of the carry on

But...I probably have other items not listed that I do want to take along. Everyone has their own creature comforts they cannot do without for a week and the list is different for all of us. My suggestion is to go through your daily routine and take that stuff, plus a very small first aid kit, make your own list. Really think about any extra stuff you have to pack, organize, repack and haul home, consider if it is something you cannot do without.

My husband and I have been together over 30 years and have taken many vacations together. We have yet to have any need for duct tape. We rarely have any need for it at home, either. I see it on almost every packing list out there.