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Thanks all.

To answer some questions...we both have been to Europe before. We like more historical and cultural type vacations than like a Caribbean vacation.

Thanks for the Princess suggestion. I will look into their itineraries.
We also love the cultural and historical type trips which is normally what we do when on cruises and long land driving trips in Europe. But, and this is the big but, you are talking about cruising with a 5 year old! At that age most children could care less about culture and history. Dragging a 5 year old around cultural/historical places (often in summer temperatures) will not normally make for a happy child. When our daughter was 5 (and 6) and we decided to head off to Europe for a cruise....we left her with Grandma/Grandpa which made for a very happy child (and a spoiled one). We still recall returning from a trip to be greeted by our smiling daughter who said "Nanny let me have ice cream for breakfast." Our daughter is now in her 30s and still remembers her ice cream for breakfast. Not sure she would remember being dragged around European cultural places

When we took our then 9 year old daughter to Europe (we did a month with a Eurorail pass) it was a wonderful trip which she still remembers. But what does she remember? How about watching the ducks on Lake Lucerne and buying a pair of pink shoes in Paris. The Louvre is not a big thing in her memory banks.