11/26/2012 – CHEF’S TABLE

I completely forgot about the Chef’s Table! Sorry to backtrack but I want to make sure I include it!

I had reserved both the Steak House and the Chef’s Table soon after the Breeze started its cruises in the Med. I received confirmation of both, but we wouldn’t know what night the chef’s table would be until we boarded the ship (and I assumed not until the 8-day cruise).

On Saturday (day of the 8-day embarkation) we received confirmation that the Chef’s Table would be on Monday, November 26th. They included a form for DW and I that asked us if we had been sick. Since the event would be in the galley, they didn’t want anyone that was sick to contaminate everyone’s meals! Can’t say I blame them.

We were each provided a menu with what we would be experiencing that evening.

The wine was flowing the entire time and they provided a glass of champagne at the meal’s start.

This is one time where I thought I read that no cameras were permitted (because of being in the galley), but the chef didn’t have any issues with us taking photos. Well, guess who left their camera back in the cabin. Me….

Another lady took some pictures and offered to email them to me, but unfortunately, they haven’t arrived as of yet.

Executive Chef Joaquim Rosario Dias was an excellent host. He described each dish in detail and everything we tried was excellently prepared and very flavorful.

If I recall correctly, there were six other chefs that helped with the preparation and serving of each course. They timed it perfectly so everyone received their dishes at the same time.

He also at one point showed us what he did on a daily basis and what he was responsible for. In additional to the daily preparation of meals, he is also responsible for the ordering of all food for each cruise. He showed us a computer screen that had every menu option listed as far as how many were created, served, etc.

He also explained that the crew’s menus are created at the Miami head office, so there wouldn’t be complaints of not having enough of a particular country’s cuisine. With over 50 countries represented on board, it’s hard to please everyone.

Here were a couple pictures that they took and gave to us:

If you have an opportunity to go to the Chef’s Table, please do so! The chef told us that he had a waiting list of 25 people, and he doesn’t do more than two nights on a typical cruise because it takes him away from the operation for 3 hours each time.
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