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From what I have heard, a bunch of people were sick on the transatlantic crossing that preceded our cruise so Cunard knew there was a problem.
I was on the QM2 transatlantic departing Southampton 15th Dec that arrived New York 22nd Dec.

An outbreak of Noro on a P&O ship in Southampton two days before we departed had made national TV headlines.
So naturally Cunard were keen to be seen to be tackling any potential threat.
For three days we had restrictions (in the Kings Court for example, and no handshaking with officers during the entire voyage) and I observed constant cleaning of handrails etc by crew in all public rooms (much more so than normal, even while the rooms were in use).
We were assured that we had beaten any outbreak and the restrictions were relaxed, but we were urged to continue to take every possible precaution. Everyone I was able to observe, seemed to comply.
There was no reported outbreak or re-introduction of restrictions while I was on the crossing, and if we had had an outbreak I feel certain there would have been new restrictions placed on us, esp in the buffet.
Any rumoured sickness on the transatlantic voyage was, I am sure, caused by sea-sickness as the crossing was "very-rough" to "storm-force" almost all the way across (I saw people people being sick in Illuminations for example).
If there is Noro on board QM2 now, then it may have come on board in New York.
I urge everyone to remember the basic rules taught us as children and take extra precautions (on handrails and when in lifts/elevators).

Hope this helps.
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