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I have never felt as sorry for the staff as I do now. They are working round the clock battling this situation. It is serious, but in my opinion it is being handled very well. The festivities continue and those of us who have avoided this virus continue to enjoy the many offerings we come to expect and appreciate.

For those passengers who have been exposed, they are confined to their cabins until declared safe to come out. I do not believe anyone's life is in danger. If there is a communication issue at present, I am not aware of the reason, but please do not be frightened.

Hi Jeanne......so glad to read you are not affected, and are still able to enjoy the festive season....keep it that way!! Not a fun thing to deal with over the holidays for passengers and especially the hard working staff.

Hope our mutual friends are OK..not heard from her which is odd. Will email her but if you see them tell them I was concerned.

Have a great time.....Happy New Year!

Cheers, Penny

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