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It is passengers who bring Noro onboard and they should not be hassling the staff who contain things very well. I do wonder how many actually have the virus and how many simply have sea-sickness or tummy upsets? Oh well, hopefully it will be contained by next week!
Just a thought...Considering the precautions the Captain is recommending to passengers (i.e. avoid the buffet and public area washrooms, etc), I doubt it is due to "sea-sickness or tummy upsets".

Clearly, there is an outbreak of gastrointestional illness on board. (We're calling it Noro here because that is most often the cause, but that hasn't been confirmed yet, nor has the extent of the outbreak.) When and how the virus came on board is also an open question, but passengers are not the only possible source. At this point, I imagine what matters most to passengers and crew is that it is contained as soon as possible. I'm sure every effort is being made to have that happen.

BTW, does anyone know if cruise lines are required to inform passengers waiting to board if there has been an reportable outbreak of gastrointestinal illness on the previous voyage? And if so, is their any compensation regarding their fare for those who decide not to board?-Thanks, -S.