This is a worry of mine too. I've been on a couple cruises in the past, but I was only a teenager and went with my family. We always did the excursions through the ship.

I'm going on my first cruise by myself in March and found an excursion in St. Maarten that isn't through the cruise line. I'm also debating whether to do an excursion in Nassau or not. But my plan is to do the excursions as early as possible when they're not through the line. I'm also planning to do excursions that aren't close to the time we leave the port. For instance I am planning to do a kayaking excursion in St. Maarten that is three hours long. I'll be doing it in the morning, so if there are any problems I should still be able to get back in time for the ship to leave, even if there are any problems.

I know it's still a risk and I still could miss the ship. I just hope it doesn't and will make plans if that does indeed happen.
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Graduation Vacation 2016!
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My 2013 EPIC World Adventure - March 1-27, 2013
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