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I remember asking the question and I think I remember someone saying several hundred people miss their cruise ships daily.....
No, nothing like that number, not even even world-wide
Or (probably) even including those whose flights are delayed heading for their embarkation port, which is always a concern & why many folk fly out a day or two ahead.

And they tend to be folk who explore independently and lose track of the time, or mis-judge journey time, or don't make a reasonable allowance for delays, or misunderstand back-on-board time, or foul-up ship's time vs port time. Alcohol is often involved. Even exploring independently, its exceptionally rare that a cruiser with a modicum of common sense misses a sailing.

And I've not read a single incidence on Cruise Critic of anyone on a private tour missing a sailing.

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If the excursion is quite far to another island, we would take a cruise line excursion.
As would we. Problem here is if the boat/ferry breaks down or is cancelled due to the weather. Not the same as just having to find another taxi. Typical is Tortola to Virgin Gorda. The risk is very low, but the consequences very inconvenient & expensive.

As Zactak's response, most tours - including taxi tours hired on-the-fly - are in the morning, leaving time for shopping or the beach or whatever close to the ship.

No worries