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Tours sponsered by the cruise line will NOT leave you.

We've been late many times over the years on ships excursions ... once over 2 hours ... and the ship was there waiting for us. (It was a catamaran from St. Vincent to Bequit and the main sail broke.)

Another very long delay getting back from a ruins in Mexico.

Most others were only about 15/30/45 minutes or so. Ships (all cruise lines) waited on their tours.

Once on NCL (long time ago) their excursion was left in St. John. The ship went back for them. It was a long time ago on SS Norway.
A private tour (van with 12 from ship) was left in Martinique ... some sort of rain forest private tour.
A private catamaran (Captain Marvin's) was late. Also many folks in taxis. Fortunately, the ships excursion was too so none of them missed the ship. BIG traffic jams that day.

Almost always some lose track of time and get left behind is some ports. I understand some ports like Cozumel and other party ports. But why does it seem hard for some not to get back and miss the ship in Dominica?

I'm sorry but this is absolutely NOT true. It depends on the port authorities actually letting the ship stay late (and paying huge fees to do so). If the sea conditions and port space are not favorable, the ship will have to leave. However, if you are on a SHIP sponsored shore excursion, it is up to the cruise line to get you back to the ship at the next port of call, and they will pay for hotels, transportation, etc. But keep in mind there are times that the ship simply cannot wait for late excursions...it is beyond their control.
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