The cruise was wonderfull! The 8 and 7 night had more than it's share of pushers, line cutters and too much to drink by the pool (w/o ever buying an X drink mind you) people. The staff were hard pressed to remain friendly and helpfull to some VERY demanding types, but they managed! Horizon has one of the nicest staffs sailing.

One thing I learned was that 26 nights on H is not enough! I could have stayed on for many more days!

This was my first experience with Don Fluke as a Cruise Director, but he was AWESOME! He did his first contract as CD on H many years ago and now is the
last CD she will have as an X ship. If anyone is going to be on her please tell him 'hi' from Gail and I'll see him in September. You might also ask if he still has the tshirt that Gail and the Tanning Capt bought him. Long story, best told at the Martini Bar.

The CCH who took Mahalia's place (she went home on leave) is Eisle and this is her first contract in this position. She's a cute as a button red head who had worked in the Aqua Spa on some other ships. I'm sure Ogla will have her whipped into shape in no time!
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