Hello fellow Pittsburgher!

We are still cruising for the ports. Until we hit our 2nd Southern set of islands, and I get to go to Alaska and Canada/NE I will keep that way. We have 2 boys so air fair to Europe/Australia is kinda of out of the questions for us at the moment.

On the other hand, my mother has gone to everywhere she "wants" to go out of the US and now picks by the ship. Her last was an Epic cruise, though she is now looking into a 31 day South America from Princess because it's the only cruise that makes one specific stop.

I will say it really is personal experience also. Do you hate going into a Walmart here in the Pittsburgh area? If so, a big ship might not be for you. Even though there is less to do, I love the small ships! If you want romance, I wouldn't book anything less than a balcony though. Nothing is better than getting to watch a sunset alone out there with your new husband and no one else!

What I will say from personal experience from Pittsburgh is even though it seems long, it is generally more economical to drive if you have the time and a decently fuel efficient car. If money is a factor that is something to consider also. I figure right now, round trip to Miami, including 3 hotels (2 down, 1 back) food, gas, random things needed, will cost us less than $850. Yes it does add 3 days to our trip, but to us it is worth it and makes for a more rounded vacation. I also like to do things on our own time and HATE waiting in airports!
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