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Hi, Judy!
It was great meeting you on the Dawn. My mom and I had the best time. From the reviews I've read, it seems like everyone had a blast. It's too bad that we didn't meet until the Martini party...what a party. I swear I almost cried when I bumped into Savio and he hugged me goodbye the next morning.
I am so glad that you took good notes of your trip. I'm enjoying your review! I was so busy running to all the fun activities and soaking up the sun and drinking pina coladas that I was too tired to write down what I had done and by the end of the cruise I was so exhausted, I could barely remember my name...luckily I had my key card and photo id with me.
Everyone on the boat was wonderful from the guests to the crew. I don't know how any vacation can ever live up to this one!
Thanks for telling me about cc. It's a great resource!
-Monica (and mom)

Welcome to cc's, you are now officially addicted! I didn't take any notes, I was way to busy for that, just a good memory and the daily's help me remember what we did.

You are so right that martini clinic was a great party and Barry playing the piano was just the best! Only thing that topped that was the party in the G.V. what a day to remember. It will be one of my favorite cruise stories of all time.

I just wish we met you and your mom earlier in the cruise but at least we got to meet and now you're a cc's.

Check out the NCL roll call board for the "Wotta Hoot Cruise" May 2007!!!

Now I'm off the try and type part 2 of the review!

To the poster who asked, yes, I will give you all the details I can remember, most likely more then you will want to read. LOL
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