This maybe very long but I really have to say OMG that was one of the best vacations ever. This was our first cruise and first vacation with our baby.

My DH and our baby son (7 mos) and I had the Owners Suite 9506.
We had originally booked a mini-suite were offered an upgrade to penthouse and then owners suite. With a baby we figured the separate rooms would be important so we could relax as he slept. This was key as well as bringing my neice who would babysit. It was worth every little penny and then some.

Upon entering terminal late (our van was over an hour late) we realized we missed VIP embarkation and proceeded to the long line. We happened to see a guy holding a sign that said owners suite - garden villas, so we approached him. He wanted us to follow him and I asked if the rest of our group can come (there were 12 total with kids) and he said yes. We went right thru checkin and were on the ship quickly. He escorted us to the room and we were shocked -

The room is gorgeous! I never realized there were two bathrooms. A bathroom as you walk in and a master bath off the bedroom.

Highlights of Owners Suite:
- 2 Bathrooms
- A cordless room phone that worked anywhere on the ship! This was awesome, at the pool we could book dinner or check on the baby at nite. People were constantly asking how our cell phone worked....
- 3 bottles of Liquor (we did Absolute, Bacardi and Cuervo) he brought margarita mix in a pitcher and orange juice They were the large bottles. We did not finish them when we left even with all of us.
- Soda and water every day (diet coke,coke ,water)
- The room service menu is expanded from regular rooms. We could order eggs,french toast,hashbrowns etc
- Treats delivered twice a day - Apps at 5ish, Desserts later on (we had sushi,shrimp sandwiches, creme puffs,chocolates etc)
- 2 Balconys (one off living area, one off bedroom - this one is huge)
- DVD Library, CD Library
- Expanded channels on TV (according to my sister in an oceanview)
- DVD Player in living room and Bedroom, TV over bath
- The shower OMG this is an experience in itself!!!
- Preferred seating at the shows in Stardust! (We never had a problem seeing a show) The row is in the balcony front it is reserved for Owners and GV on both sides.
- We never had a problem for dinner no matter when we booked. We used the conceirge for all shows and dinners.
- VIP Tender tickets at GSC
- VIP Disembarkation
- Menus for all restaurants were in room including the Main dining menus for each nite.
- Sailaway out of Ny is gorgeous on that front deck

Our Butler was Denny he was fabulous. Very personable my son loved him. Please say hi for us if you have him (Erin,Mark and Baby Cole). Our conceirge was Alex, also great. He would call us if we didn't call to see if we wanted dinner or a show. He was awesome.

Our family was in three other rooms (inside or oceanview) but on the first day Alex took their cabin numbers and included them for the capatain's cocktail, the VIP Tender and VIP Disembarkation. This in itself was soo nice and made the trip for our group. They also sat with us at shows. I was very impressed, this was above and beyond IMO.

Our room stewards washed the baby's bottles in the dishwasher every day!!!

Port Can - stayed on the boat, the pool was not crowded that day!
Miami - We took the bus (18.00) round trip running every half hour to South Beach. Walked around and ate lunch at a really fabulous Cuban restaurant. The food was incredible.
GSC: Ended up on First Tender and got beach chairs and a raft. Went to straw market right on beach. We didn't stay long but the rest of our group stayed all day.
Nassau: Friday nite my brother and his wife took a cab to Atlantis to the casino. We stayed on. Next morning a bunch of us took a cab to Atlantis and just wandered. 4.00 per person one way.

Had breakfast in our room everyday.
Le Bistro - Loved it! Ate there twice. Had the Filet, Asparagus, Fondue and Cheesecake.
Cagneys - Also very good. Ended up talking to Maitre D for awhile. He was very nice Sunny. Showed us pics of his son. The Sinful Choc Dessert was amazing.
La Trattoria - Pretty good! Everyone was happy. Did not realize that this is one side of the Garden cafe by day.
Bamboo- Went there for Sushi (not at Sushi bar because we had the baby) The Sushi was good. You pay Ala carte at the table or 10.00 all u can eat at the sushi bar.
Blue Lagoon - Went for the Fish n Chips really yummy.
Venetian - 1st Nite - we all were not impressed, this was our only so-so meal.

Both Sunday and Monday had half price covers. Most other nites the covers were half price between 5:30 and 6. This was ok for us because we had kids so early dinners were good.

Teppanyaki - Only seats 18 so book early if you want to try. We tried very late on Saturday and could not get it.

As we were getting on the Tender at GSC back to boat we were standing near a guy in uniform and my DH asked him if he was the Captain. I looked at his name tag and it was Hugo, the hotel director, I recognize the name because our App Treats were compliments of him every nite. I told him thank you for our nightly treats and how much we loved the cruise, the owners suite and the staff. He was soo nice and we had the baby and we talked about his son etc. That nite Alex asked us how GSC was and I told him we had met Hugo and how nice he was. We went ot Cagney's for dinner and as we sat down the waiter told us Hugo wanted to send us a bottle of wine. We were soo impressed. At the end of the meal we asked for a check and the maitre d said No check, Hugo had taken care of it all. WOW! How nice and how unexpected!!! great Conceirge and great hotel director Very Classy.


My brother had an oceanview with him,his wife, their 11yr old and 1year old. They were ready to kill each other by day two. The rooms are small for that many and all the baby gear. He scrambled to get a bigger room but the ship was maxed. He originally thought he would not spend much time in the room but with a baby and naps and bedtimes it was crazy. My sister had the same room with her two teenage girls and it was fine.

Colin is one of the funniest guys ever and we saw him everywhere. Not sure when this man sleeps.
We did bingo alot, pool, kiddie pool, Ladies Nite revenge, family karaoke, Late nites at Spinnaker, and the casino. There seemed to be always something to do.
Shows - South Beach Rave - pretty good. Edge - Very Good, Second City - Very funny. I missed the Bollywood but Dh said it was good.

I won jackpot twice on the slot machine someone had tipped off on this board. (250.00 each time). Thank YOU!!!

There is a cozy lounge up by Cagney's called the Star Bar, never really crowded.

That's all I can remember right now but ask away. We can not wait to book another cruise and definitely will be Norwegian!!! Thank you for all the information you have shared!!