Got off the ship yesterday. My only real lasting memory a breathtaking $12 + tips for a drink. I was in a group of 14 people on this cruise (4 children though), and 8 of them said they'd never cruise RC again due to the drink prices. TWELVE DOLLARS for basically a Slurpee with a shot of rum? Insane. We were on a port intensive itinerary, so the drink packages didn't make any sense since we weren't back onboard until after 5pm. One couple in our group ordered a first round of drinks before dinner on day one - the tab was over $26, and that wound up being their last drink onboard.

The pool bar was rarely busy, even though it was spring break week and the ship was packed. There was rarely 3-4 people there, even at the height of the day. Not the lines 2-3 rows deep you see on other cruises.

We were planning on taking advantage of the onboard booking incentives for one of the longer Serenade cruises this November but cancelled those plans after being hit with these crazy drink prices. For the first time in 15 years and 12 cruises I'm now considering other cruise lines. A couple - my closest friend and his wife - went with us on this cruise and called me this morning to let us know that they booked another line for this November instead. We may follow their lead.

This was my most disappointing cruise ever.
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