We were on the Jewel a few weeks ago and I concur - most disappointing cruise ever. I was also shocked by the drink prices. But equally as disappointed in the 45m wait we had for our appetizers in Portofinos.

We had one night in the MDR where the food was actually inedible. Now mind you - we're not picky people. But the MDR crab cake was a tiny fried puck of nothing but mush minced crab something. My husband's chicken cordon bleu was stuffed with a cheese goo with tiny minced ham. His Caesar salad was dripping in water and so soggy he didn't even eat it (which for him to not eat food says a lot). Several tables complained and the Head waiter came and apologized to each of us.

We did get the coke package for the freestyle machine and after the first day they were out of Coke Zero and never refilled it (the main reason we got it) and several times it was empty of any diet drink.

We have two more cruises booked - but we too will be looking at other lines.
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