On our recent cruise on Vision of the Seas my husband had a drink package and I did not. I don't drink a lot of alcohol and am happy with lots of water. But when I did drink I would either choose the drink of the day ($7.50 + tip) or a bar special (buy 1 get one free of second half off). I also took advantage of the champagne at the C & L Welcome and the Art Auction. I can see how someone who only drinks between 3-5 drinks everyday wouldn't want a drink package, but if you include bottled water to take before getting off the ship it might work out.

I also don't remember any make bartender pouring exact drinks. There was one female in the Schooner Bar that did, and that was all I saw. I also had a few times when the bartender would take my husband's card to "give me a drink on them." lol We never asked for it, but didn't hesitate to take advantage of those offering.