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Hi Fran,

I remember your posts from Russian river cruise last year. We went on Uniworld in June on the Volga. We loved our time in Russia.

We are doing two cruises this year, back to back.

Fly to Brussels and take Tauck river cruise to Amsterdam. We have 5 days on our own in Amsterdam and then Uniworld river cruise to Basel. Castles along the Rhine.

We are really interested in the tulips. We are going to be in Amsterdam mid April. I have booked hotel in the city, but I think the tulip fields and Keukenhof are outside the city.

We will like to visit the park more that once. How far from the city is Keukenhof? And do you know anything about transportation to get there?

We are staying two days in Ghent and three in Bruges. We are flying in to Brussels early AM and will take train from Airport to Ghent. Do you do any train travel on your own while there?

I don't know anything about the Deltas works.

Any information you might share on this trip will be appreciated.

Hi Judy -

We also loved our cruise in Russia... So glad we went last year. I understand that the Kremlin armories are closed for renos this year and that was a great excursion. I would have hated to miss it.

We did not do any train travel when we were in the Netherlands. However, somewhere here on cruise critic there was a "dialogue" between 2 or 3 couples about going to Keukenhof on their own. I didn't pay a lot of attention, but I think they said that there is a bus or train that makes the trek a number of times/day. Perhaps if you start a new thread and ask the question you will get some further details.

We sailed the Rhine with Uniworld for our Christmas market cruise. We started in Cologne and ended in Basel. WEetook the train from Frankfurt to Cologne (Rail travel is so civilized in Europe...). We loved the cruise, but both my DH and I agree we would like to go back again in warmer weather. We opted for the Technology Museum in Speyer (instead of going to the markets in Heidelberg...) and it was really interesting. It was only a short walk from the area where the boat docked - and there was LOTS to see.

The Delta Works is really quite an amazing project. In a nutshell, they built a number of cement "gates" that can be closed to protect the area if it looks as if there will be flooding. Here are 2 links that explain it.



Enjoy your cruises... We are doing 2 - but not back to back. We are doing Bucharest to Budapest with Viking at the end of April - then back to Budapest in Sept to cruise up to Nuremberg with Scenic.