Hi all

Congrats to those who had a good week and encouragement to those who didn't. I've been on both sides, so I understand. Another week ahead to work at it!

I lost the 2# that I had gained last week. I was so discouraged last week after working so hard but gaining. Maybe I'm gaining muscle? I'm hoping so!

I'm still working towards my goal of logging 800 miles in 16 weeks prior to my next cruise. After 6 weeks I'm at 284 miles, so just a little behind pace. I'm finding it harder now that the "lazy" days of summer are over. Kids are back in school and so activity-wise it's much busier. I need 1 1/2-2 hours a day to work out to stay on pace. I'm going to try hard this week to make up a little bit that I'm behind. I'm feeling SO much stronger these past few weeks so it must be doing something!

Hope everyone has a great week.