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My White Star experience wasn't a very happy one, our bags didn't make it onto the ship until 3 days into the cruise.
I am considering using one of the UK ones to take bags to Southampton and/or back from Barcelona. Does anyone have experience of any other companies ?
We have used a company called 'Carry My Luggage' in the UK a few times and found them very good. Our cases were picked up by DHL 2/3 days in advance of when we required them to be delivered at our Southampton hotel and in every case they were actually delivered the next day. You are able to track them every step of the way, so you always know where they are. For our return we drop our cases back at the hotel and they are picked up by DHL later that day and delivered to our home the following day.

We fly down to Southampton and as my wife is in a wheelchair it makes life so much easier not having to carry large suitcases. One point I would make is that you need to use a hotel in Southampton that is willing and able to store your cases until you arrive.

We looked at White Star Luggage to take two cases from Scotland to Southampton and return and was quoted over 500!! Admittedly that was to have them delivered straight to our cabin. However, Carry My Luggage was less than a fifth of that price albeit to have them delivered to the hotel. However, as we always go down the day before the cruise it is a no brainer which service to use and as the hotel package includes transport to and from the dock side it makes life so simple and a few pounds left over for a glass or two on the ship.

Hattie, hope this is helpful.