Hi. These are the excursions we are interested on. Whale watching, helicopter glacier landing and whitepass train. Questions #1 Will we have enough time to do heli-glacier and whales at Juneau. Our cruise will be in port from 1-10:30Pm.

Question 2. I know there are heli glaciers trips in Skagway but I dont want to miss the train excursion. Will it be better to do the glacier and train in Skagway and just the whales in Juneau. Would it make a difference taking the Glacier trip at Mendelhall or another glacier at Skagway? Cruise will be in Port 7am-9 pm.

Question #3. Holland America offers different types of Whitepass excursions and Im having hard time to decide which one to take. I've read here that some people take the train just one way and return by bus, I guess they didnt take the ship excursion as they sell both ways.

I understand that Im asking a lot but I am coordinating our first family trip to Alaska with 12 people and I want to make this trip a memorable one.

Thanks a million