Hey back from my cruise so here is my review- overall had a great time! There are a few different houses that they have. There were 3 carnival ships in port that day so they have at least 2 different houses that they use. The house was ok. There is a pool a menís bathroom and a womanís bathroom then there is a man made beach with just sand that overlooks the water along with chairs and hammocks. The only way to get in the ocean was from a ladder or to jump in... the water is about 9 feet deep when you get in so you have to wear a vest that keeps you afloat. Food was ok but didnít eat too much as I have a bad stomach so I only had a few bites and as far as drinks I only had beer but they were pleantyful and you were able to have as many drinks as you want. Overall I enjoyed the excursion and would definitely do it again. Any other questions I would be happy to answer for you.

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