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Hi, just booked a 14 night cruise to the Caribbean on the Azura for March 7th 2013, paid to upgrade flight to Premium, then find out P&O baggage allowance is only 23 Kgs!!!! How do they expect people to go to the Caribbean on a cruise with 5 formal nights and 5 informal nights with a 23 Kg allowance. They must have lost the plot! This will be the first and last P&O cruise we'll be going on! Even tried to pay for an increase to the baggage allowance, they won't have any of it...Anyone else got a problem with the allowance? Regards
We just did the transatlantic flying to barbados sailing back to Southampton on Ventura. We also struggled with the 23kg, but we had all threecases at 23kg exactly and all 3 bits of hand luggage at 5kg, but we took things that we ended up not wearing, so do think about realistically what you will wear. Wear heaviest clothes on the flight and buy all your toiletries from Boots once you get through security. some of those items were really heavy so we took them out and bought them once we were weighed and through.
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