In what ways would you say that the Fram is not a cruise-like ship? I'm genuinely curious, since I'm mulling over options for our next trip. I've sailed on the Expedition in the past, and from what I know of the Ortelius and the Ushuaia, they're much closer to the Expedition than to the Fram.

There's nothing wrong with choosing a more cruise-like ship over a converted research vessel or basic expedition ship if that's what you're after. I just think that it's worth trying to explain the differences, so that people can choose the trip they're more comfortable with. And I found the Fram atmosphere to be significantly different from that of the Expedition. For example, on the Expedition cabins were left unlocked, and passengers roamed the ship between landings in long underwear with stocking feet. The bridge was open most of the time, and the ship was very much a working vessel, where passengers and crew shared much of the space. On the Fram, there's a much clearer distinction between passenger areas and crew areas, and the ship was designed from the ground up as a modern cruise vessel, right down to the mall-style gift shop with automatic sliding glass door.

I think both ships are great, but it's a pretty big contrast. I've known people who hated the simpler ships because they missed the extra amenities, and I know people who were uncomfortable on the nicer ships because they were looking for a more adventure-oriented experience.

As for Point Wild, you can't really credit the Fram for the weather conditions. Unless the ship has some kind of special equipment to control the weather! I didn't sign up for the bridge tour, so I might have missed it!