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Is NG worth the candle? Very pricy, but I guess I could talk myself into it. This may be a stupid question, but how big a deal is going ashore? Holland Lines would be a lot cheaper....
Let me slightly reword your question. I am think of doing a cruise to England. I have 2 choices.

One cruise will stop at all the significant tourist ports in England and give me time to walk around and see stuff. This cruise will cost me $5000 including all land excursions.

The second cruise doesn't stop anywhere. You go up and down the Thames so you can see but not stop at any of the sights that can be seen from the river. You do not get to see anything that is not right on the river. You do the same thing at all the other "stops" in England. This cruise costs only $2000 including all excursions but remember that there are no excursions as you do not stop anywhere.

Which one would you take. Could you honestly say that you have been to England if you took cruise #2.