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An email from RCI yesterday further confuses me re: formal nights and the Mosque attire! RCI states formals are day 2 & 6 (Abu Dhabi not at Sea), and women MUST bring their own gowns to wear in the mosque. I tend to take the advice of guests who have just sailed on Splendour rather than RCI's advice!

Dear Jayne,

We thank you for another opportunity to answer your enquiries; it is always a pleasure to stay in touch with our guests. Formal nights are on day 2 and day 6.

Garments are not provided you will need to bring your own. Women visiting the mosque must cover their entire body plus their head with a scarf, leaving their hands and face exposed. Men are also to be fully covered.
No sandals or exposed feet.
No exposed shoulders or knees.
No tank tops or shorts.
We did the cruise in December and our formal nights were Khasab and the sea day. As to mosque attire, we visited the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. I wore a loose fitting long trousers, a long sleeved, loose cotton top and a pashmina that I fashioned into a headscarf. This was perfectly acceptable. They also have abayas and head coverings for women that do not come appropriately dressed, but I heard that the line for those were very long.