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Thanks for these excellent pictures. It takes a lot of effort to write a review and post pictures right after a cruise. It usually takes me up to a week to start writing a review. Catching up with stuff post cruise like catching up with work emails, bills etc takes too much time. Also, I tend to egt sad after leaving a cruise which I have read is normal.

What type of underwater camera did you use to take these excellent pictures?

Wow, those bugs really attacked your daughter. Have never been bit in Costa Maya, Cozumel or Belize. The only place where I got attacked was Roatan due to sand fleas. Luckily, i spent most of my time in the water and didn't get as many as some people who stayed on the beach. I dod have a small spray bottle with 100% deet which I recommend.

On your cruise did you have a Cruise Critic Meet & Greet? On my Oct 23rd cruise, we have already planned one and so far have over 30 people. Great way of making new friends at the beginning of the cruise.
Yea, I'm writing reviews and processing pictures in between laundry. I don't go back to work until Saturday, but start my first day back to school this quarter tomorrow. So trying to get this done as soon as I can. There's no telling how much homework I'll have on the first day. LOL

I use a Canon D10 point and shoot. I decided to leave my expensive slr camera home this time. It's a lot easier with the p&s because it does everything...land, water, and video.

We did not make it to the meet and greet. With a 3 year old (and her first cruise), we kinda had to cater to her needs first. She wanted to go swimming in the kiddie pool area and slides. I knew that once she seen it she would be so excited and not want to leave. We were constantly running into everyone though and people seem to know who I was right off the bat due to my pictures. hehe

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Mitsugirly: Thanks for the review. Can't wait to read it all.

What about boarding the ship and sail away? When you get a chance pls. tell how that experience was. Good I hope......
I will go into full detail on that, but it was EXTREMELY FAST....EXTREMELY...on both. I was really impressed with the way NCL handled the Epic last year. Well, this was even more smoother!

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Mitsugirly - The storm you are referring to is the storm that kept me out to sea for 2 additional days on the Spirit. It was Tropical Storm Lee! Just saw you were scratching your head for the name and that'd be his name!

Liking the review so far... looking forward to more.
I knew it was one of those. hehe We were watching so many right before I left, so knew it was one of them.
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