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Hi y'all, need your help if you don't mind.

I am on Day 6 of phase 1 with injections and have lost about seven pounds. After D3 on HCG, I added back light exercise (treadmill and etc) On the advice of my MD, I have added back about 200 calories a day to my food (highest day so far was 750). Last night I did a couple of classes (Kickboxing and ABS) and suddenly today (NOON EST) I feel terrible. Felt great this morning but as today is progressing I feel worse and worse. Is this the HCG flu?

Any advice/ideas? To the haters, please don't tell me how dangerous, etc. For everyone person who hates this plan (in whatever form) there is someone else who loves it and has used it successfully to "jump start" their weight loss as I am doing.

I want to know if this is normal and/or what I can to prevent this from happening tomorrow. I love exercise and need it (due to the excessive stress in my life right now...and it's cheaper than ****** ) . And btw, the org. protocol endorses "light exercise" to help with water retention...

This may apply slightly differently because I am male and I had quite a bit of weight to lose, so please keep that in mind.

When I started the HCG shots I ate about double the suggested amount i.e. instead of 500 calories I ate roughly 1000 calories per day but like you, I did it with physical activity. I also cut out most of the simple carbs and I saw good results and had the energy I needed to get through my workout.

By the end I dropped my body fat % several points and lost roughly 20 pounds in a month.

BTW I get my hcg shots online at a really good price, I bring that up only b/c I have seen where people are paying several hundred per month for a 30 day supply. this is where I get it- http://ushcginjections.com