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Do you know the restrictions ahead of time? For example, the fare could be completely nonchangeable...take the flight or forfeit the entire fare. What if the flight is cancelled or rescheduled ? (which happens a lot nowadays). Are you automatically rebooked onto another flight at a different time or date with no recourse if the new flight doesn't work for your cruise? If the "mystery airline" is Aeroflot with a 10-hour layover in Moscow is that acceptable? The devil's in the details...you need to understand exactly what you give up and what risks you're taking in exchange for the low price. Otherwise you can't make an informed choice.

Also, why would you pick an unknown airline versus AA or DL if the fare is the same? There are quite a few airlines with better service than AA and DL but there are also ones that are far worse.
Another poster who believes an airline ticket, no matter where purchased, is the same as an airline ticket purchased from an airline website. The concept of different RULES doesn't even come into play in their thinking. The concept of those different RULES impacting their travel if there is any kind of glitch also does not come into play.

The OP suggested on another thread to look at the Choice Air tickets. Obviously, the RULES are not part of the equation. How many people have posted they got a PNR, a seat and flight details with their consolidator tickets??? They truly believe they purchased the same tickets as sold directly by the airline.