This is my first time on this section of cruise critic, but I have personally never met anyone in two years who had these issues, I have read about them from all cruise lines but I meet more roll call members thrilled with their rate and service than otherwise.

I know plenty of folks booking direct who get terrible service when a plane is cancelled. Back up plans are necessary.

Cancelled cruises seem to be a nightmare if passengers are on the road, but that is going to be a mess no matter what.

If I book direct or from choice air, which I also do for one ways, I fly in early, and when I don't I realize the risk, however small I take.

The op on the thread asked for assistance in booking trans Atlantic, not sure if they are cruising with the possibility of choice air, but not mentioning choice air or cruise line air seems to not serve that OP.

Iancal.. I understand not buying a pig in a poke, actually I really have no idea what that is, but have heard the phrase enough to have a general understanding. We moved on with our choice, would like to meet someone sometime who bought those tickets however. I have been so unhappy with known carriers for comfort and sometimes clean planes, that for a while at least it didn't seem like much risk at all. That is why I ended up here, to reach out to other experienced travelers.

I could be a risk taker, once I used Priceline for a hotel, but I scored,
so do not regret it.

The reason someone must buy those tickets, is probably a lot like my consideration, steerage class on long haul flights has become unbearable.

Thanks for all the advice and humor.
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