Just to clear the record in response to bcso203:

1) If speaking the truth about a subject is "uncalled for", then let's all have the rah-rah pep rally that characterizes many of the forums here at CC. I'm proud to be a part of one of the most factual forums here on CC, as well as it being the least emotionally biased and opinionated. You don't get cheerleaders for UA, or AA, or DL, or BA, or SQ, or CX or whatever.

2) I give answers -- often ones that people don't want to hear because it disturbs their nice, preconceived view of air travel. Or because it doesn't fulfill their need for confirmation after the fact.

3) I have never worked for an airline, but have made it a point to become very well informed about the air industry. I wanted to be an informed consumer and work to share that with others. Some other posters have been in the industry or work with it on a regular basis. And for those, I have nothing but the utmost respect for their knowledge, rather than being one to denigrate it.

4) Chat room....hardly. Go to one of the mass-market line forums here on CC and you can truly see chat rooms. I will confess to the occasional jocular posting, but I'll bet that most of my 5000+ have some meat to them.

5) I wonder what it would be like here if many of the regulars "went Galt".
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"Anybody who believes they can out-think the airlines' revenue/yield management computer algorithms is, in my view, delusional." -- Gardyloo

"It doesn't really make a blind bit of difference what other people are paying since they're traveling from different airports, on different days, at different times of the year." -- fbgd

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