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OK- since you ask! My daughter is studying for an advanced degree at Uni. Duesseldorf and my husbnd has a mother in Germany- For health reasons I cannot fly long distances-Soooo,if I want to visit Europe I sail or swim! From anyplace between Toronto and Miami the only option is Cunard out of Brooklyn NY. Because necessity forces me to sail QM 2, that does not mean my opinions and evaluations and observations are not valid and worth considering! Anyway- Holland America beat out Cunard in cruise ship ratings this year and I can well understand why! As H. A. sails to Europe from Florida I am unable to sail with them. Too bad for me!
As you do not fly yet still find Cunard to be miserable I would suggest one of the numerous and inexpensive re positioning cruises on one of several lines. Yes they are most all out of Florida however, Amtrak has two very pleasant trains daily from Boston and New York to Florida.