yes, I have won $1000. on cruise ships. The last cruise in Jan. 2017 I won a free cruise playing in a slot tournament . 5 day cruise only. But I will be in a tournament that I can win up to $50,000. But free isn't really free. I still have to pay taxes, insurance, air fare, hotel room and tips. I wasn't going to go then I thought what the heck. Oh, the room is an inside one only. If I get a balcony add on another $1000.00. So free I am not sold on it.
I do get free drinks on the next cruise and also got it on the last cruise. ( only in the casino) I don't even drink.
will let you know in Dec. if I won anything on this special cruise.

I did see a guy win $2000.00 in the casino in Jan. And yes they came out with the forms to pay taxes.