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Yes i contacted her yesterday & received a very prompt response. We did initially want to go to the chi chu tunels but she advised us to rethink as its 3hrs travel to & from & the actual time at tunnels is approx 90 mins which really does not leave any time for anything else ,..mind you Princess are offering this tour with lunch stop & market shopping which makes me think it would be cut short due to time limit in port & it was quite expensive also. Thi has suggested HIGHLIGHTS OF SAIGON TOUR ...i must say prices seem very reasonable & the more people the cheaper it becomes so even with the exchange { australian dollar to usd } it seems a good deal now all i have to hope for is more interest on the roll call ..as yet NO others & its just over 5months away!! { SUN PRINCESS SOUTHEAST ASIA EXPLORER 21 DAYS ROUNDTRIP DEPARTING FREMANTLE AUSTRALIA 31ST MAY 2010 } would be nice to get a couple more interested folk to do the tour with ..but even with just the two of us the prices are cheaper than Princess & from what i have read Thi is very reputable .Do you know if i have to pay in advance or on the day ??? my only concern paying in advance is if by some fluke we don't get there ...bad weather time delays etc. Any other advice ??
Just finished a 3 day, Saigon-Hanoi-Danang, which she arranged for me, I paid her at the end of the day in Saigon for the whole trip.
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