our family of 6 did a private guided day by a tour company. I'm not sure if I can mention the name so if you are interested email me at [email protected]. The only downside was that every thing we wanted to see was an hour away but a comfortable ride to that hour away. We went to blue hole and were the only family there and completely spoiled for 2 hours. Lunch with our tour guide, horseback riding on the beach. You name it we did it. All while learning all about Jamaica. He drove us through many neighborhoods that I still remind my kids about how lucky they are to have the lives they have.

We were on the Navigator as well when we did this last Spring. The shopping area of the ship is big and will definitely provide some entertainment if you like that sort of thing. That said, with only 3 days in port on a cruise I like to hit the ground running and do things I cannot do in town and I don't want to be stuck on the ship just because of some complaints people have had. It is your vacation. Enjoy it to the fullest. If that means relaxing on the ship, then so be it but if you want to get out and see all that Jamaica has to offer, please do so. Just do your research and enjoy your day.