That`s interesting Melanie. I made tilapia last night. Coated it with olive oil and lemon pepper and into the convection oven. The got out the leftover potato salad. Tonight it was a turkey roast with mashed potato and gravy. And I cut up some cucumbers Jean brough home from work.

The reason the lens is a one time thing is it is oversize for the size of hole they make when they remove the original. It is slid in and attaches with some barbs that lock the new one into place. So there is no taking it back out. Learned that with my mom.

Sharon it was darn hot here too. Offical temp was 104F. Did not even listen for the heat index.At least there wasn`t any rain here. With this heat we could have some bad storms.Don`t need that. Still 10 days from getting my hail damage fixed.

Joyce how is the weather up your way? Still got the AC in mothballs?

Sleep cool all.

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