Not much going on here today. The usual bedding, the wash, cleaning, etc ! All that fun stuff !

Didn't get to see The Lincoln Lawyer last night, John. Xfinity was acting fickle again and we couldn't access the movie. Tired of calling them !!! We had our DVR replaced with the newest box. That was a good thing. But it seems they are always working on the new system and it powers off and on several times a day !!! You guys have Xfinity ? The old Comcast ? Good stuff, but sometimes very frustrating !

Sharon, John and Joyce.... on the Today show this morning, a pet expert was giving tips to pet owners during this heat wave. Here's the link if you're interested:

Our hearts go out to the people of 'peaceful' Norway...... They are reeling over the senseless and horrific attacks on their peaceful country. What the heck is this world coming to ? So very sad, pathetic and totally incomprehensible ! There are some very sick and demented people out there !

On a lighter note.......... have a great rest of the weekend. AND STAY COOL !!