I dont think she was negative. She asked an innocent question.

I did read somewhere once that it's best to evaluate your weight by using the same scale, same time, same conditions, all the time. It's a logical answer, would sure help ward off a lot of frustration, I think.

Does it really matter what scale you are on, as long as it goes down and not up??

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Your comment stating " Don't they teach

people that at WW?" was both rude and unecessary, especially since you don't seem to know everyone's particular situation. You post might have been helpful without that negitive remark thrown in.

I attend an early morning Friday meeting. The last thing I do before I walk out the door is weigh on my scale. I then drive the 2 miles to my WW meeting and weigh-in. The scale is not going to fluctuate 2-3 lbs in 10 minutes. The OP started this thread to get some feed-back from others that are experiencing the same type of situation.