Thank you for posting this! I just joined this board to ask some questions for going on my first cruise, some of those questions being about cruising with my service dog. It is hard to find people who have cruised with their service dog.

I've travelled a lot with my service dog, domestically and internationally, but never on a cruise ship. (Only boats she's been on are high-speed ferries and the rides and Friendships at Disney.) The biggest difference, of course, being no land for pottying on a cruise ship!

We'll be going on Royal Caribbean in the spring. I see you haven't gone on them before, but I'll still accept any and all tips from ya.

RC's Web site says they provide a 4'x4' box of mulch as a potty spot. It doesn't say where or if they give a grass/turf option. I've written the special needs e-mail address, but never got a response. The TA (group trip) is supposed to be looking into the info. for me, but I hear she may forget about it. I think I will call RC myself.

Since we are seasoned travellers, I don't have questions about basic travelling or flying or anything. The biggest one is the potty box details. The other is an excursion for Cozumel, Mexico (I already know what I'm doing in Key West and can't get off at the other two places, as far as I have read up on via the Internet [technically I could get off at Cayman Islands, but am not about to spend the time and money {couple hundred} just for less than 8 hours there]).

Have you used one of those plastic water bowls that is supposed to keep the water from splashing/spilling out of it? I don't know how well they work and I normally just use the Outward Hound plastic folding travel bowls (the ones that fold up and you could keep the pack of three of them in your pocket), but I figured on a moving boat, it might be worth it to take up luggage space with the non-splashing bowl (I saw one brand with carpet grabbers on the bottom, so think I'll get that one to prevent the bowl itself from sliding/slipping around). I'll still use a folding bowl for food.

Any tips or stories you can post will be great! Thanks!