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dakwriter: I LOVE having Brenda with us.....she's such a part of me....I don't want to go anywhere without her.....and, my DH is so attached to her. He's a diabetic who suffers from severe neurological pain. When I come home from work, Brenda looks for him; lays down with him and he tells me that all his pain diminishes when she's around!

She works with me but really serves us both! It's amazing!!!! She changes me and lightens his load! I wouldn't think of going without her! She loves the ocean and is a wonderful traveler! She's my heart and soul!

I know it sounds like a hassle and believe me, it was! It isn't anymore...I've learned where to go/how to go and what is the easiest way of doing everything for cruising! Now, it's so much fun!

I love walking her, on deck. And seeing her face when the ship rolls out to sea. She loves the smell of the salt air. We play ball on deck and the attention she gets from the crew and other passengers is always welcome! I can't imagine a cruise without her!
Oh, Roz, I really do envy you, but I'm glad for you at the same time. If I could take my sweet "Ruby" with me everywhere I most certainly would! I'm so very attached to her and not just because she intuitively knows what to do when I need help. But my DH, who is even more dear to me, pointed out that not only would we have to deal with shipboard hassles and the many unknowns at ports of call if we took her along, but we also wouldn't be able to go on any of the shore excursions we are hoping to enjoy. It's just the two of us -- who would watch after Ruby while we snorkel or cave tube? If I was single, I would simply skip the shore excursions altogether and stay onboard for the entire cruise, enjoying the amenities, the change of scenery, my fellow passengers and being with my beloved Ruby. That would be more than enough vacation for me. As things are, however, I've resigned myself to having to leave her behind when we cruise, just as I do whenever we go to Disney World.
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