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As things are, however, I've resigned myself to having to leave her behind when we cruise, just as I do whenever we go to Disney World.
Oh, you really should take her to Disney with you! They are really great about service dogs being there.

She can go on a lot of the rides. For the ones she can't go on, you can do rider switch - one person stays with the dog while the other(s) go on the ride, then when that person/group finishes the ride, they stay with the dog while the person who didn't ride yet goes on the ride right then, no having to go through the line again or anything. I went where it was just one friend and myself, so I know what it is like to not get to ride things together, but it really isn't that big of a deal once you do it. I also know what it is like to go solo for a bit, since my friend had to rest for a few hours, so I was doing rides alone. I don't recommend solo if you like rides service dogs can't go on (like Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, etc.), but one other person or more is fine.

Another option you can do if you either are solo or have a big hankering for going on rides with the only other person in your party is you can drop your dog off at the park's kennels (just outside the park's gates) while you go do the ride you want to do that your dog can't go on. It is free. I wouldn't necessarily recommend doing it, since your dog should be with you at all times, but if you must do it, it is there as an option.

Disney has designated service dog potty areas in the parks, too.

My service dog loved Disney World. Her favorite ride was Pirates of the Caribbean (but I think that might have something to do with Captain Jack Sparrow being in it now... ). We had no problems there.