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You may be able to claim on your travel insurance if it includes cover for missed ports due to whatever reason. You will not be able to claim through P&O. In their terms and conditions it states that ports may be missed due to weather conditions - hardly P&O's fault if the weather prohibits a stop if the Captain considers the weather makes it too hazardous to stop. The only time P&O will give any compensation is if the stop is prohibited due to something wrong with the ship. We received 100 per passenger when we were on Arcadia several years ago and we couldn't leave New Orleans as one of the azipods wasn't working and we were a day late leaving and as a consequence had to miss out the port of Key West. When we eventually left New Orleans the following afternoon by the time we got back to our cabin after dinner there was a letter waiting from the Captain apologising for what had happened and telling us about the 100 which was added to our On Board Credit.
New years eve 2015 we could not get into Amsterdam canal on Ventura because​ of high winds and we sailed slowly through the channel but no compensation from P&O.
In April on RC Independence we could not dock in Le Havre so they took us to Rotterdam.