I get a sense that there are a lot more missed ports than there were years ago. You always missed the very odd port for bad weather ( perfectly understandable) but more recently both in my own experience and reading here and other boards there appear to be many more that are not weather related.

Perhaps we just hear about it more and more quickly via social media or the pressure on docking due to the increase in ships is a factor however that is not the passengers problem.

While I have no problem with the Captain deciding not to go somewhere if the weather is poor it does get annoying if it appears to be poor admin or the company (not necessarily P&O) being cheap and being out bid for a decent / any berth.

As pax can now easily check the situation with the port authorities it is easy to find out if the dock was ever actually booked or if the alongside had actually always beenintended as a tender port (but was never advertised as that.)

In terms of insurance people having to make more claims will push up insurance costs eventually. The insurance companies may even start to fight back in the non weather related cases if they get enough claims.