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I see lots of mentions of snacks for the kids. Are there not kid snack foods readily available? At home, my kids (7,4, almost 2) eat fruit, veggies, yogurt, crackers, etc. Won't I be able to find that kind of thing on board? I am thinking either buffet or room service should have something, right? I was thinking of packing some fruit buddy packets or something similar to have on our port days invade the kids don't care for the food we have access to, but since we will just be in Mexico, I'm sure we'll be able to find something. We will be on the Carnival Ecstacy. Thanks!
We always pack snacks for port days and in case there's a long wait to board. Anytime we leave the ship, I have a backpack with water and snacks in it so I don't have to drop what we're doing to track down food/drink for a hungry/thirsty/cranky kid. Except for cereal boxes, there aren't snacks or food you can take off the ship, so we bring pre-packaged ones.

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