I know my son, who was 16 when we were on the Dawn, absolutely loved it! Looking forward to reading your journey. It is very nice that you are taking your time to write this from a teenagers perspective. Enjoy writing your review and don't worry about little things like typos.
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Norwegian Breakaway to Bermuda 5/07/2017
Norwegian Breakaway to The Bahamas 12/20/2015
Norwegian Breakaway to Bermuda 5/10/2015
Norwegian Breakaway to Bermuda 9/22/2013
Norwegian Star to Bermuda 9/30/2012
Norwegian Dawn to Bermuda 8/15/2010
Norwegian Gem to The Bahamas 12/26/2009
Norwegian Majesty to Bermuda 8/02/2009
Norwegian Majesty to Bermuda 8/30/2008
Norwegian Majesty to The Bahamas 10/24/2007